'The Hills': Kristin Cavallari Confronts Drug Rumors

Plus, Heidi Montag debuts new look to her friends.

Who could have guessed wearing a pair of shades indoors would lead to this? Thanks to a penchant for tinted eyewear and a few hard-partying nights spent in Miami during Super Bowl weekend, Kristin Cavallari returned from the Sunshine State with some unwanted baggage — namely, rumors of an alleged drug addiction. The 23-year-old wasted no time squelching those accusations during last night's episode of "The Hills."

The show opened with Kristin paying a visit to frenemy Audrina Patridge's house, where Kristin floated the idea of throwing a party. The conversation quickly turned to the rumors of Kristin's alleged drug use and how fast the gossip had spread. "My parents have heard about it," Kristin complained. "This has become an issue for me." She asked whether Stephanie Pratt and/or Lo Bosworth were to blame for the rumors, but Audrina genuinely seemed to have no clue. Kristin decided she would invite Stephanie to her party to confront her in person.

Also invited to the fete was Heidi Montag, who decided it would be the perfect opportunity to debut her new look to her friends. (Heidi showed off her surgically enhanced body to her parents during last week's episode.) "I'm so excited to go to Kristin's party and show them my 3.0 body," she enthused. Husband Spencer wasn't so sure about the soiree, since his estranged sis, Stephanie, would be there. "Realistically, I don't know how I'm going to be around Stephanie," he said. "I haven't talked to Stephanie once since the DUI, and she knows why. Because that was the final straw."

Unsurprisingly, when the big night arrived, tensions were running high. Audrina brought her new boyfriend, singer Ryan Cabrera, which seemed to spark a bit of jealousy from Brody Jenner. But all eyes soon turned to Heidi, who made her grand entrance to a chorus of halfhearted cheers and "Wows." After ushering his wife in, Spencer spent most of the night avoiding Stephanie. That is until Stephanie — who was already emotional from an earlier run-in with Kristin — made the mistake of saying hello to Spencer. "That's why you're not in my life, crazy bitch," Spencer yelled at a misty-eyed Stephanie. "You come to barbecues and start crying." And with that, Stephanie ran from the party in tears.

Spencer later rehashed the night's events with friend Charlie, whipping out a feather to keep himself sane. "My life is perfect until Stephanie and Holly try to come in it," he complained. Charlie suggested that maybe Spencer's crystals, which he wore from multiple necklaces and bracelets, weren't working. "I know they're not working," Spencer retorted. "That's why there are hundreds of them on me right now." And with that, he took a moment of silence to press a palm-size crystal into his forehead.

After denying that she and Lo had been the ones spreading the drug rumors, Stephanie decided it would be a good idea to settle the feud with Kristin in person. "I know this whole Miami thing is being dragged out," Stephanie told Kristin as they sat at a restaurant, neither of them eating. "I don't want it to be an issue anymore. We didn't start any of these rumors."

"Quit talking about me," Kristin replied. "I don't even like being around you. I think you are two-faced."

After several more heated exchanges, the pair marched separately out of the restaurant, awkwardly meeting up on the sidewalk outside before finally parting ways.

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