Young Jeezy Talks Trap Or Die 2 Mixtape

'I'm still trapping or dying,' MC says of sequel to his classic 2005 mixtape.

Young Jeezy stopped getting it illegally ages ago, but he still gets it regardless. When he put out his classic mixtape Trap or Die about half a decade ago, The Snowman reflected on his street life throughout the masterpiece project. Now, after millions of albums sold and several tours around the world, Jeezy's life and business is on the up and up, but he still has the Trap Star mentality.

"I feel like I'm at a different place in my life," Young told MTV News about his new mixtape Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary. The tape, which is hosted and produced by Don Cannon, was released on Tuesday (May 4).

"I'm not just sitting around with $300,000 in a Louis bag ... I am, but I ain't," he continied. "To me, I wanted to do Trap Or Die 2 because I'm still trapping or dying. Everyday is a hustle for me. Ain't nothing guaranteed. I gotta get up and get it like I been doing since I was 13 years old. Because I'm doing bigger tours, the album is coming — that don't mean I'm not trapping or dying or that ain't where my mind frame is at. You gotta feed the streets first. That's who gonna rock with you, win, lose or draw. Whether you riding or walking."

On "I Remember," Young addresses the street code of no snitching but relays some life lessons his mother taught him. "Illin' " finds the Snowman teaming with the Clipse as each MC trumpets their mic greatness. "Stop Playing With Me" is a reminder of how much an imposing figure Young can be in the streets or on the mic.

Jeezy next official LP, TM103, is slated for release this summer. The lead cut is "Lose My Mind" featuring Plies.

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