Lil Jon Says He Got Fit, Spent Time In The Clubs During Hiatus

'I got a chance to really let my batteries recharge,' he tells MTV News.

Lil Jon's long-delayed album Crunk Rock was in the works for so many years that the project evolved from a rock-leaning effort to a "lifestyle" collection featuring electro sounds, R&B and Bali funk. It's been six years since the producer released his last album, Crunk Juice. put out in 2004 on TVT Records. Jon feuded with the label for a time but finally reached a resolution in 2008, when the company filed for bankruptcy.

So what's Lil Jon been up to all this time?

"I actually am glad [the album's] just now coming out, 'cause I got a chance to really let my batteries recharge," Jon told MTV News. " 'Cause I was doing a lot of stuff, making a lot of records, doing a lot of albums and getting pulled in different directions. And you get burned out and need time to recharge and rejuvenate and come back.

"So it gave me time to go out and also get in the club and just DJ again. To feel the pulse of music and people all over the world, 'cause I went all the way to Australia and to Japan and all over America, from Vegas to New York to Miami; I'm DJing every week, basically. All of that helped me to have an eye and be a little bit ahead of everyone else. 'Cause the pulse of music is in the club. If you don't go to the club, you can't know where to go next or what's gong on. I think everything helped give me time to open my eyes again."

To help kick-start his career while also maintaining his momentum on the DJ circuit, Lil Jon decided to incorporate a new emphasis on physical fitness into his routine. The rowdy personality recently hired a trainer and lost 25 pounds as a result. He's even pushing a new sugar-free version of his Crunk Energy Drink — just don't expect him to give up adult beverages anytime soon.

"We getting older, man, so I started thinking and realizing you got to get in shape and get healthy," he explained. " 'Cause we want to live longer lives. People are living longer lives, but only if you're eating healthy and living healthy. I do a lot of drinking [still], so I was like, 'I need to get my body right!' "

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