Audrina Patridge Talks About New 'Hills' Love Ryan Cabrera

'It just felt right. ... He's not fake and using me,' star says of letting cameras into her relationship.

Justin Bobby is so yesterday. On this season of "The Hills," which airs its second drama-filled episode on Tuesday night (May 4), Audrina Patridge has found herself a new love.

Fans will get a peek at Audrina's new relationship with singer/songwriter Ryan Cabrera, who previously dated Ashlee Simpson on her show "The Ashlee Simpson Show." "My boyfriend is Ryan Cabrera," Patridge told MTV News. "I got him to start filming with us, with me on the show. So, we filmed in the studio and us on dates and hanging out and just being in a relationship.

"I'm friends with everyone this season, so I have a lot of fun," she added. "Kristin and I much closer this season, and with Lo and Stephanie and all the girls, so it's been a really fun season."

After living out her relationship with Justin on the show over previous seasons, Audrina said she did have a few reservations having Cabrera join the show. "Well, I always told myself I'm never bringing anyone that like I really, really like onto the show," she revealed. "And then Ryan and I ... I've known him forever, and we're just very comfortable. It just felt right. He doesn't play into it, and he's not fake and using me. We've had so much fun ... and now we get to film together and hang out."

As for how Cabrera and Patridge became a couple after being friends for so long, it's a mystery to the actress herself. "I don't know how we started dating, but it's been so much fun," she said.

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