Bret Michaels Leaves Hospital, Expected To Make Full Recovery

Poison frontman is receiving physical therapy and being monitored after his massive brain hemorrhage.

[artist id="500964"]Bret Michaels[/artist] has been discharged from Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix almost two weeks after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage, his doctor announced in a televised press conference on Tuesday (May 4). The Poison frontman is currently resting in an undisclosed location, where he is receiving physical therapy and being monitored.

"He's walking. He's not walking very well. He's talking very well, and he's very mentally aware," Dr. Joseph M. Zabramski said, adding, "He'll fortunately make a 100 percent recovery."

Following a third angiogram that determined no aneurysm had taken place in his brain and that bleeding was no longer occurring, Michaels' condition was downgraded from critical to stable. Zabramski was not at liberty to say where Michaels had been transferred but did say that airplane flight was not prohibited for someone in his condition. The 47-year-old singer will receive a fourth angiogram in two weeks to monitor his progress.

While Michaels' recovery continues, Zabramski said he is "really suffering again right now." The reason for the suffering is that as the blood clot from his hemorrhage begins to "clear," the clot's various "blood products" create painful irritation inside the skull and along the spine. Steroids can usually be administered to mitigate the irritation, but Michaels' diabetes prevents the use of such drugs. A clot can take seven to 10 days to clear, Zabramski said.

Zabramski also said that Michaels' situation was an extremely lucky one. Fifteen to 20 percent of people who suffer subarachnoid hemorrhages die before they can even reach a hospital. An additional 20 percent arrive at a hospital with severe deficits that assure lifelong cognitive and physical issues. While Michaels arrived at the hospital with slurred speech and memory lapses, Zabramski said that by the next day, his speech had returned to normal. The singer might continue to have problems with back pain and new problems with headaches but is expected to make a full recovery and is not at a higher risk to suffer a hemorrhage again.

Asked when Michaels might resume his regular activities, Zabramski said he sees about four to six weeks of continued rest for the singer. But he went on to caution: "What I made him promise me is that he would not make any promises."

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