'Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Warns Of Confrontations In Episode Two

'Those drug rumors follow me home,' star tells MTV News of tonight's show.

On the "The Hills" season-six opener, Kristin Cavallari's castmates, commenting on her party-filled all-nighters, asked their friend if she'd been taking drugs. And Heidi Montag went home to Colorado, where her family got their first look at her drastic plastic surgery. It was intense, to say the least, but Cavallari warns that the second episode will only be more dramatic.

Cavallari told MTV News that on Tuesday (May 4), viewers will see her and her "Hills" pals still struggling to reconcile over those drug accusations. "I narrated the second episode, so I saw little bits and pieces," she dished. "Well, the little bit that I saw, you'll see me confront the girls because it's right after [the group trip to] Miami, and those drug rumors follow me home."

The conversation doesn't go well. "I confront the girls and, of course, they deny it. So, you'll see all of that fun stuff. Until I see it, I only know so much."

The trailer for the final season of "The Hills" also gave a peek at some of the issues Spencer Pratt is dealing with, and Cavallari predicted his conflict might make its way into episode two.

"Spencer, this season, the one time I actually filmed with him, I think, is in this week's episode," she said. "He kind of loses it. He and Stephanie [Pratt] get into a big fight at my house, actually. And she runs out crying, and then he kind of blows up. ... It turns into this whole big thing. Whatever you're expecting, you're gonna see."

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