Paramore Working On New Songs -- Two Seconds At A Time

Band says ideas for new songs are often born on tour, but usually written at home.

It seems odd to talk about "new" [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] songs, given that their Brand New Eyes album is just seven months old, but the fact remains that there actually are some new tracks in the works ... albeit very slowly.

"[Frontwoman Hayley Williams] normally needs to rest her voice during show days, so she'll come to soundcheck sometimes and just listen to her in-ear monitors," drummer Zac Farro told MTV News on Saturday at the Bamboozle festival in New Jersey. "The other day, we were just messing around — we have a couple of songs we just play for fun. They're never anything we'll probably use, but we've been playing them for a while. [They're] just random, two-second things."

So while it sounds like those "two-second" things might not amount to much, Farro quickly added, "Actually, 'Decode' and 'I Caught Myself' Paramore's two songs on the "Twilight" soundtrack were kind of written that way, so you never really know."

Williams agreed, though she made it clear that the band is still very much focused on playing songs from Brand New Eyes, and said that the majority of writing for the follow-up — whenever it may happen — will take place at home in Franklin, Tennessee.

"We like coming up with new things, but, like Zac says, it's usually at home, at practice," Williams said. "We usually write intros and outros for shows, and that's a good outlet for us, and a way to keep our creative brains rolling and keep our chops up. But, like he said, it's like two seconds and then we're done."

And Paramore will have even more time to work on those two-second outbursts (maybe even extending them to four or five seconds) when they hit the road on the Honda Civic Tour with Tegan and Sara and New Found Glory. The trek kicks off July 23 and already, Williams and company are getting pumped — even if it means they're not going to be home any time soon.

"We all like a bit of everything, musically, and you can usually tell that in our [concert] bills," Williams said. "I think Honda Civic Tour is the most diverse lineup we've ever had. And I'm really psyched about it. I saw Tegan and Sara in Nashville, and they were great. It's going to be a lot of fun!"