'Modern Warfare 2' Stimulus Package Maps Hit PS3, PCs

Other planned map packs are in doubt due to tension between 'MW2' publisher and developer.

The Xbox 360 got an early jump on new maps for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" in March, and now, at last, the PS3 and PC are catching up, with the release on both platforms of the Stimulus Package map pack. Out Tuesday (May 4), the package adds five maps to "MW2" for a price of $15.

The maps are identical to the ones released for the Xbox 360, and include three brand-new maps, as well as two returning maps from the original "Modern Warfare" game:

Bailout: Set in and around a four-story housing complex, it focuses on vertical gameplay and sniping positions.

Storm: Takes place during a blinding rainstorm in an abandoned factory.

Salvage: Features a snowy junkyard with plenty of cover from massive cargo containers and wrecked vehicles.

Overgrown: A re-creation of the original "Modern Warfare" map, which heavily emphasized sniping and house-to-house clearing.

Crash: The second returning map from the original "Modern Warfare," it's set in the Middle East and focuses on urban combat around a crashed military helicopter.

The Stimulus Package map pack is the first of two promised map packs for the game. Although there's a possibility for more, recent conflict between Activision, the game's publisher, and Infinity Ward, the game's developer, has resulted in the significant loss of senior staff, calling future DLC into question.

Another game in the "Call of Duty" series, "Call of Duty: Black Ops," is planned for release in November. Releasing DLC for a previous installment once the latest one has launched is extremely rare, so players should expect that to be the end-date for any possible new "Modern Warfare 2" content.

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