Ridley Scott Sees 'Robin Hood' As A Prequel

'If you look at how we aligned it, we've set it up,' director tells MTV News.

In addition to being one of the most successful filmmakers of all time, Ridley Scott is a huge history buff. So it isn't a surprise that he's excited about the "Robin Hood" release on May 14. But one thing that might raise some eyebrows is what Sir Ridley has planned for the big-budget film.

"I hope it's a prequel," he said. "If you look at how we aligned it, we've set it up."

Without giving anything away, Scott's "Robin Hood" presents the most realistic portrayal of the mythical marauder while introducing the character much like "Batman Begins" did for the Dark Knight or "Casino Royale" did for James Bond. By the time the origin tale is finished, Robin has been positioned for the next chapter of his tale.

"We've set it up for 17 years [later], with King John being on the throne," Scott explained. "He will be forced to sign the Magna Carta."

"There were laws in the time of John, and I've seen [some of] them vaguely mentioned in other movies, and it was a precursor to the Magna Carta," he continued. "[One] said if you shoot the king's deer, you can be executed. I always thought that was vaguely ridiculous, because, after all: Who would see you when knocked off that deer? But actually, it was real, and it went further. It went into what you could choose as wood: firewood or not firewood. You were not allowed to cut down trees."

In his proposed sequel, Robin and friends would be rebelling against John's attempts to proclaim the people's rights. "It was all by law, this ridiculous law of the land that people were having to live by," Scott said. "And so I thought it was worth imposing the reality of that, that they did exist.

"And later, if you had a sequel, you would actually have John forced to address the wishes of his subjects into actually signing something called the Magna Carta," he explained. "It's almost like the first big act of Parliament."

Although Scott is busy these days planning to restore dignity to the "Alien" series and making a "Monopoly" movie, he said he is still intent to direct more "Robin Hood" adventures as well.

"I had a lot of fun making it," he said. "I'm a period-film freak. I love the research and the different universes. So yeah, I would definitely do it. ... I do a lot of producing, but I really do like to direct.

"I'd absolutely [direct it]," he added. "I've missed the sequels on several things that I have set up. But I think I'll do the next one."

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