'A Nightmare On Elm Street' Stars Ponder A Sequel

'I'll never say never,' Kyle Gallner tells MTV News of a possible return to Elm Street.

Over the course of nine films, the nefarious Freddy Krueger has displayed increasingly inventive and thoroughly disgusting ways to mutilate his various victims and terrify moviegoers. But what are the odds that Freddy could come back for round 10 to ensure that the viewing public never sleeps again?

"They signed me on for a few [movies]," Jackie Earle Haley recently told MTV News about the possibility of future installments. The actor, who takes over as the gloved villain, spoke to us on the set of [movie id="379974"]"Nightmare."[/movie] "I think we need to see how the movie turns out, how that goes and how that does [before pursuing a sequel]."

Since "A Nightmare on Elm Street" debuted in first place, with $32.2 million, over the weekend, it's clear that horror enthusiasts aren't done spending time with Krueger, even without the iconic Robert Englund inhabiting the title role. Assuming that Warner Bros. and New Line decide to haunt theaters with another "Nightmare," who besides Haley would be up for returning to Elm Street?

"I would love to play Nancy again," Rooney Mara said of her part as the fan-favorite heroine in the new film. "But I'm just happy to be doing the first one."

Kyle Gallner, who plays Nancy's boyfriend Quentin, was less certain about signing on for a sequel. "If [the producers] come to me with a sequel, depending on what happens at the end [of 'Nightmare'], I don't know," he confessed. "['Nightmare'] might be my grand finale from horror movies, unless good material comes along. Good material is good material, so I'll never say never."

While there are numerous directions a "Nightmare" follow-up could take, Haley has at least one idea for Krueger's future: a dancing comedy routine. "My Freddy is not much of a comedian, but I'm working on my tap-dancing lessons just in case they do a sequel," he laughed.

Would you like to see Freddy go for round 10 in a new "Nightmare"? Let us know in the comments!

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