Ke$ha On Her Haters: 'F--- The Cynics'

'Who would you rather hang out with: that cynical dude or me with my laser beams?,' the 'Tik Tok' singer asks.

It's been a rather challenging couple of weeks for [artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist], the party-pop princess who has — for reasons not entirely clear to her — become the preferred punching bag for certain bloggers.

It all started with her April 17 performance on "Saturday Night Live," a DayGlo-and-laser-beam-enhanced set that was criticized by some as being perhaps the "worst ever" musical moment on the "SNL" set. That only gave more ammo to avowed Ke$ha haters like Perez Hilton, who had previously called her live performances "horrid."

And then there's the blowback from her hit single "Tik Tok" being featured on the opening of Sunday night's episode of "The Simpsons," which baffled some bloggers and had longtime fans of the show getting in touch with their inner Comic Book Guy.

And through it all, Ke$ha has remained quiet. Mostly because she's always made it a point to avoid reading or listening to anything the cynics have had to say about her, although she will admit that all the naysayers are starting to piss her off.

"I actually don't read anything, because I feel like the haters really like to hate out loud, [and] that people who love sometimes love quietly. So I don't really listen or look at anything," she told MTV News at last weekend's Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. "[But] in general, f--- the cynics. Go be cynical. ... I'm having a good time. Like, who would you rather hang out with: that cynical dude or, like, me with my laser beams?"

And though Hilton has been one of her most outspoken critics, Ke$ha doesn't harbor any ill will toward him. To be honest, she doesn't really have any opinion of the celebrity gossipmonger.

"I don't really know what he thinks, but you've got to live your life," she laughed. "I don't care. I mean, do you care if I like your shirt? I mean, I do like it, but what if I didn't? Would you change it? Probably not. And you shouldn't."

At the end of the day, the thing that matters most to her is continuing the mission she embarked on with the release of her Animal album: to have fun, no matter what her detractors have to say, and no matter how loud they say it.

"One of the main things I wanted to do with this record, in this climate of the planet, right now, is just have 'f----off' fun. I'm not pretentious, I'm not a bitch, I'm just having fun," she laughed. "It's pop music, and hopefully, people that like the music are embracing that mentality, that, like there are things to be taken seriously, but ... me trying to get people to have so much fun, I don't feel like I need to be pretentious about it."

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