Christina Aguilera Defends 'Not Myself Tonight' Video

'I never claimed to be a cookie-cutter soccer mom,' singer says.

[artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist]'s brand-new "Not Myself Tonight" video is certainly jaw-dropping, a three-minute run of barely-there outfits, extended S&M-inspired sequences and a whole lot of guy-on-girl groping.

But in an interview with "Access Hollywood," Aguilera defended the clip, saying that it shows off her wild side, which she's not shying away from just because she's a mother.

"Mama still has to be me," she said. "I never claimed to be a cookie-cutter soccer mom. That's all good for some people. Not for me."

Aguilera — who, in previous interviews, has cited her two-year-old son, Max, as an inspiration for the songs on her upcoming Bionic album — said that she doesn't think the video is inappropriate, and added that just because she's a mother, it doesn't mean that she's not also an artist, one who deals honestly and frankly with the subject of sexuality.

"[Max] is going to grow up in a household where he knows mommy expresses herself artistically and some of that will have to reflect itself sexually too, at times," she said. "He's going to learn to respect the fact that women are allowed to express themselves and not feel shameful about their bodies or their sexuality."

She added that while Max is already a fan of the songs on Bionic (which is due June 4), he's not shy about expressing his allegiance to another of his mother's pop contemporaries.

"He's really into Rihanna," Aguilera said. "And he does say 'Put in mama's song! Put in mama's song!' And then he goes, 'Go cazy! Go cazy!' It's so cute."

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