Jadakiss' The Champ Is Here 3: Check Out A Preview!

'Kiss teamed up with DJs Drama and Green Lantern for this Mayweather-Mosley-themed mixtape -- a Mixtape Daily special!

No matter what happens in the big Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley bout on Saturday, it'll have a hard time topping the excitement on the new Champ Is Here 3 mixtape by Jadakiss and DJs Drama and Green Lantern. 'Kiss is already legendary, but the lines on this one are as immaculate as ever.

"The game is all Jada's/ Something hot drop, I get 'em in all flavors/ The Black Mamba of the vocals," he spits. "He's a di--, you a p---y, y'all neighbors/ The Black Mamba of the vocals/ MJ of the Pro-Tools, anti-social."

We don't need to say much more than that! Our money is Money May and of course 'Kiss. Shout to DJ Drama and Green Lantern who hosted this one on the tag team. It's a "Gangsta Grillz Invasion."

This Week's Main Pick

Street Kings: Jadakiss, Green Lantern and DJ Drama

Holding It Down For: Legendary hip-hop

Mixtape Album: The Champ Is Here 3

Real Spit: As promised, the biggest event in hip-hop right now is here: Jadakiss' Gangsta Grillz Invasion, The Champ Is Here 3. 'Kiss' collabo with Green Lantern and DJ Drama has been strategically planned to drop on the same day that Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley are getting it on in the ring: tomorrow, May 1. This time around, though, Jada isn't pushing an album (at press time he was only three or four songs deep into his next LP, Top Five, Dead or Alive).

"The regular formula for the first two was drop the mixtape right when I finished the album," Jada added. "I just shifted it on you this time: Give you the mixtape then go finish the album. Let you compare it with the albums that's coming out while I'm in the kitchen."

Kiss' mixtapes have been so dope, he's often found himself competing with himself.

"That's another reason why it's good to drop it before, so I won't have that problem," Jada laughed. "It'll just be creating pandemonium everywhere instead of competing with my own album. It might be better to do it this way. We gonna keep switching it around. We might do another one this way, but we gonna switch the pattern up so they can't follow."

Guests on the tape include Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj — and that's just to start it off.

"We got some underground artists, some high-class artists, some of them good, down-bottom artists. It takes you all around. You definitely gonna rock out for Memorial Day, for the summer."

"There's some surprises on this joint, even with just his features," Lantern continued. "We never had features outside of the Lox. But we have some nice surprises."

Green and Jada have been rocking on this series since the start. They called Drama into the fold for the third.

"I got the phone call one day. Green been in [Atlanta] recently, invading the airwaves, invading the city," Drama told of his participation. "We been looking for a project to do for a couple years now. Green called and said, 'We making the mixtape game exiting again. It's fun. We're moving around brands. What do you think about coming on board for this Champ Is Here 3? It made perfect sense. I been on my New York sh-- heavy. Green is in the A, 'Kiss being the legend he is — three very important and crucial brands in hip-hop. Stupid!"

Joints To Check For:

"Bang" "You know what I'm spitting already," Jada laughed. "That's self-explanatory. The content is just fight dialogue, workout dialogue, getting ready for the fight. What I'll do to you before or after the fight."

"Here I Go" (featuring Yo Gotti) "Yo Gotti is poppin," Jada said. "He's been doing his thing for a while in the South. I feel he's an underdog like me. He do his thing but he don't get the props he should get. Those are the people I rock with the hardest. He don't care, he knows what he's doing despite what anybody might think. I respect him for that."

"It's a problem man," Dram concurs. "We wanted to give them something they wasn't expecting and haven't heard. The beat on 'Here I Go,' it felt right. Mystikal is home. We used his beat."

"Who Shot Ya?" "Rest in peace B.I.G. Big shout to Nasheem," Kiss — who rapped over Biggie's classic track, said. "You can't really play with that. I took shots at y'all [the MTV Hip-Hop Brain Trust] on there ... Not really, just getting y'all back. Big up to them ["Hottest MCs in the Game"] lists. I don't let them lists discourage me because the people who make the list, the people who's on the lists, [watch out for my] new album, Top Five, Dead or Alive."

"Listen," Green adds. "I heard it for the first time a couple of days ago. I had to stop for a minute. This is special. You just can't go regular on that beat, so I just stopped. I had to take a minute and really concentrate on that one. He came off. He wrapped it up. Blood on the floor at the end of that one!"

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