Will 'Predators' Make Adrien Brody An Action Hero?

Actor hopes young boys who see him in lead role will believe that 'anything is possible.'

Bring up the "Alien vs. Predator" movies in a conversation with Adrien Brody, star of this summer's "Predators" franchise reboot , and he states one simple fact — immediately.

"This isn't that," he promised. "This isn't that."

In a recent interview with MTV News, Brody echoed the sentiments of "Alien" filmmaker Ridley Scott, arguing that though "AVP" films may have put both franchises on the ropes, a return to roots can make things right.

"Everybody went into this with the intention of trying to make something that harkens back to the original," Brody said of "Predators," due July 9. Produced by Robert Rodriguez, the film co-stars Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo and Alice Braga. "[We wanted to bring back] the elements of suspense and withholding."

"The tone of it is dark," the Oscar-winner added. "The actors are great. They're very committed to the backstory of their own characters; [we'll see] whether that comes across onscreen or not. I think it gives it a texture that's based in reality, and then you can be on an alien planet and do all of these things — but we have to believe what we are encountering."

Brody recalled his first encounter with the sci-fi thriller.

"I snuck in to 'Predator' when I was 14," the actor recalled. "I was in the front row with my buddies and we were smoking in the theater and, like, total scrawny little juvenile delinquents," Brody laughed, remembering the 1987 classic that launched the franchise. "I was in awe. First of all, Schwarzenegger was epic, and the action was sick. It was, like, almost pornographic.

"I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined that I would be honored with them passing that gauntlet to me," Brody said of his unlikely action hero status. "I think when young guys see this movie, they'll get it. Hopefully they'll see not only that I fit the role really well, but they'll also see that anything is possible."

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