Jadakiss, DJ Drama, Green Lantern Talk Mayweather/ Mosley-Themed Mixtape

Trio also predict who will win Saturday's big fight: Floyd 'Money' Mayweather or 'Sugar' Shane Mosley.

NEW YORK — One of hip-hop's lyrical heavyweights is placing his bets on the motormouthed boxing champ. Jadakiss predicts that Floyd "Money" Mayweather is going to beat "Sugar" Shane Mosley in their much anticipated boxing match Saturday night in Las Vegas.

To commemorate the big night, Jada has released the third installment of his heralded Champ Is Here mixtape series with Green Lantern and another underground great, DJ Drama. The trio are calling Champ Is Here, Part 3 a "Gangsta Grillz Invasion" because it is a joint venture between Drama's "Gangsta Grillz" and Lantern's "Invasion" tapes.

Mixtape Daily caught up with the three this week at the Church Street Boxing Gym in lower Manhattan. Along with talking about the mixtape, the trio predicted who's going to win on Saturday.

"I'm 'Money May' to the death," Jada said, sitting on a stool in the boxing ring.

"I'm rocking with gun rule, man: 'Money' Mayweather in 12," Drama added.

Lantern wasn't so sure. "Listen, I'm leaning toward Mayweather, but I gotta leave that open — for the surprise. Did you see when [Mosley wouldn't let go of Mayweather's] hands [at the press conference]? He couldn't let go. Something's going on. As a corner man, I gotta leave something open for surprise. So I'm not putting money out on this, at all."

"I say shout to Shane's coach though," Drama said, referring to Naazim Richardson.

"He go hard," 'Kiss agreed. "[Shane's] whole staff is hard, they're humble. I respect what they're doing. I just think Floyd is going to win. Everybody looks at Floyd [because of] how much trash-talking he does, but he's a hard worker. He don't drink, he don't party. He works out. He has fun working out and trash-talking. He never lost. I gotta ride out with him. He's a friend of mine. I believe in him."

Well, in preparation for the fight, Champ Is Here, Part 3 will hit the Internet Saturday — but you can get a preview of the music right here on MTV News later today!