Killers Singer Brandon Flowers Preps Solo Debut

Frontman's Flamingo is 'coming soon,' according to band's Web site.

You can take the man out of Las Vegas, but you can't take Las Vegas out of the man. Leave it to [artist id="1244299"]Killers[/artist] singer Brandon Flowers to find a way to pay homage to his sucker's-paradise hometown in the announcement of his debut solo album.

After a week of Web teases, Flowers announced that he'd be stepping out on the band with a disc called Flamingo, which the band's

href="" target="_blank">official Web site says is "coming soon." The announcement, in the form of a broken-down neon sign that has the singer's name and a playing-card club lit up in red, is accompanied by a spare electronic track made up of pinging synth notes and some wordless falsetto vocals. The singer has also set up a

target="_blank">parallel site that contains the same synth loop and glowing sign and that will presumably be a source of information about the disc.

The Killers teased the news of the Flowers album on


target="_blank">Twitter earlier this week, telling their followers to check their official site for "big updates." While on tour in Australia earlier this year, the band canceled a number of dates following the death of Flowers' mother and said they would be taking an indefinite break from touring.

A spokesperson for the group could not be reached for further details about the album's release.

It appears Flowers isn't the only Killer taking a break, as drummer Ronnie Vannucci has signed up to perform in a supergroup called

href="" target="_blank">Mt. Desolation, featuring members of Keane, Mumford & Sons, Noah and the Whale and the Long Winters.