'Anchorman 2' Not Happening, Writer/Director Says

Adam McKay tweets that studio 'basically passed' on sequel to Will Ferrell comedy.

Ron Burgundy is officially off the air. The highly anticipated, long-rumored sequel to writer/director Adam McKay's 2004 summer comedy "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" is officially dead, according to a tweet from McKay on Thursday.

"So bummed. Paramount basically passed on 'Anchorman 2,' " he wrote. "Even after we cut our budget down. We tried."

Responding to what must have been numerous queries from fans, he tweeted again several hours later: "To all who asked: no we can't do 'Anchorman 2' at another studio. Paramount owns it."

Just last week, MTV News chatted about the prospect of "Anchorman 2" with McKay, whose attitude could best be described as cautious. While nothing was ever greenlit, he confirmed that the key cast members wanted to come back for more. The plan was for McKay to pen a script with co-writer/star Will Ferrell "and start getting ready by February," he said, noting that the hoped-for schedule was looking less and less likely.

"The stage we're at now is talking to Paramount and trying to get the money to do it," he said. "Graciously, Steve [Carell] and Paul [Rudd] and everyone agreed to cut their price to come and do it, which you don't see very often in Hollywood — and cut their price substantially. But even with that, it's just a budgetary thing with Paramount in terms of how much they'll give us to make it."

It's possible that the middling theatrical performance of "Anchorman" — $90 million worldwide more than tripled the movie's budget, but it was still on the low end for a summer blockbuster — dissuaded Paramount from moving forward with the sequel. MTV News has reached out to the studio for comment, but there was no response at press time.

So it looks like fans are finally going to have to let go of their hopes for an "Anchorman" sequel. Despite numerous indications from the cast over the past six years that they're ready and willing for more local news hilarity, it just doesn't seem to be gelling. Now, before you run out to riot through the streets, remember the immortal words of Ron Burgundy: Stay classy, world.