Guru Memorial Concert Should Involve DJ Premier, Solar Says

'It couldn't be [a tribute] without them,' he tells MTV News, despite tensions between the two.

Although tensions between Solar and DJ Premier remain high, the controversial producer said he would like to reach out to the Gang Starr member to join him for a memorial concert he's planning for Guru later this year.

"Not only Premier, but the whole Gang Starr Foundation — everybody, for sure," Solar told MTV News. "It couldn't be [a tribute] without them. Plus, the list of artists Guru and I have already compiled that would go with it, that would be brilliant."

Solar said he and Guru had long planned to host an event, whether he recovered from his health issues or not. Since the Gang Starr rapper died last week, though, Solar has been vilified by fans for releasing a "farewell" letter purportedly written by Guru. In the controversial message, Guru assailed Premier and only referred to his groupmate as his "former DJ." Solar denied claims that he wrote the letter, but Premier remains skeptical.

Premier released his own statement following Guru's death, a touching memorial to his friend. During a radio "salute" to his fallen Gang Starr cohort, Premier repeatedly disparaged Solar, writing him off as a jealous opportunist.

Solar, for his part, stands by Guru's authorship of the letter, yet he distanced himself from the remarks and said he now has to make the best decisions for the current situation.

"At the end of the day, Guru's statement is Guru's statement, and that's Guru," he said. "I'm my own man, just like he was his own man. I have to make decisions as life goes on that's beneficial to all involved. I haven't had a chance to sit down with DJ Premier. Hopefully now will be the time, in the near future, even on this particular matter, and speak on things. It's my intention that everybody understand I foster the concepts of peace and harmony. And I believe as time goes on and feelings settle that this will happen. And willfully, this benefit concert will be one way of speeding that along."

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