'American Idol' Fans Split On Siobhan Magnus Elimination

Some say it was Siobhan's time to go, others are outraged.

Randy Jackson loved her "punk-country" look and Kara DioGuardi declared, "Guess who's back? Siobhan!" But this week, "American Idol" voters seemed to side with Simon Cowell when he said of Siobhan Magnus' performance, "I think the screaming at the end may have gone a little bit — it was almost like you were giving birth up there."

And so the 20-year-old Cape Cod, Massachusetts, resident is the latest "Idol" hopeful to get the boot — to the surprise of "Idol" experts MTV News spoke with on Thursday (April 29). As expected, fans are split on the decision, with some arguing it was Siobhan's time to go and others declaring the elimination to be a disgrace.

"Siobhan was the most interesting and entertaining of the singers, and man, can she sing!" wrote MTV News reader Violet. "If you have a good ear and any experience singing, you would hear that she hits every high note dead on. That's not a screech. She has an incredibly wide range and just maybe needed some more positive comments from the judges?"

Not so, contends reader Eric. "Siobhan has a wee bit too much 'screech' in her voice," he wrote. "She needs more experience. But ultimately she'll [get] there if she doesn't lose interest."

According to reader Peggy Sue, Siobhan's problem was simply a matter of failing to pick the songs that fit her vocal strengths. "Siobhan was signing from her throat, not the right place, so when she sang softly with lower notes it sounded weird," she wrote. "That's why she sounded so good on 'Think' — it forced her to get out of her throat. I agree that she sounded stupendous on those kinds of songs, she should have stuck to them. But instead she sang a lot of slower ballads that sounded unpleasant."

While there's no agreement about the justice of Siobhan's ouster, there are a range of opinions about the contestant who really deserves to go home. Some feel Lee Dewyze has been over-praised by the judges, while a few have tapped Casey James as the most deserving bootee. "I do not understand what Americans see in Casey James," writes Luckybarbe. "Just listen to his voice, OMG it's not that good, it's sort of annoying. I think women are looking at his looks more than listening to the way he sounds."

Do you think it was Siobhan's time to leave "American Idol"? Let us know in the comments below!

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