Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston Flirt With Same Girl In 'Eeenie Meenie' Video

The two singers get played at a pool party in the Hollywood Hills.

A pool party in the Hollywood Hills. If this were "The Hills," trouble would certainly break out at some point, and someone would end up in tears. But this isn't reality TV, it's the new music video for the Sean Kingston/ Justin Bieber collaboration "Eenie Meenie," and it's the place for a young lady to play both Bieber and Kingston.

Here's the play-by-play: While Kingston and the lady in question are flirting out on the deck, Bieber is chilling inside. But, wait — there she is flirting with Bieber while Kingston is hanging out, wondering where she went. The fickle girl eventually leaves Bieber to chill with Kingston, and then — boom — there she is with Bieber again. And, well, you get it.

Of course, the "eenie-meenie-miny-moe lover" eventually gets caught. While she's chatting up Kingston, along comes Bieber, and her game is blown. The dudes are cool with it. Well, they're not cool with her playing them, but they seem to remain friends despite both going for the same girl.

How does it all end? The way you kind of expect it would, with each of the guys finding new girls, obviously.

Kingston recently explained how he came to work with the chart-topping pop star. "I met Justin about two years ago, before he was the teenage phenom that he is now," he said. "I don't really have that same chemistry with some celebrities. God just made it happen."

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