Plies Thanks Young Jeezy For The 'Opportunity' To Collaborate

'It was my job to deliver him what I call an 'antique' verse,' Plies tells Mixtape Daily of 'Lose My Mind.'

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Plies and Young Jeezy have an obvious respect for each other. If you know either one of the Southern street champs, you know they won't do collaborations with just anybody.

Plies just released the song "Look Like," featuring Jeezy and Fabolous, which comes on the heels of the underground record "So Bad" that leaked last year and the Snowman's current club anthem "Lose My Mind."

"For me, bruh, to have an opportunity to create the situation I created with my brother and to have an artist from a record-selling standpoint and accomplish what the Snowman accomplished and to reach out to us and allow us to know there was a situation he wanted us to be a part of, it speaks a lot to what we gained and built in this business," Plies said of being on "Lose My Mind." "It speaks a lot of him as a person. A lot of times in this game, a lot of cats can respect you and be scared to show you they respect you. I take my hat to him for it. It was my job to deliver him what I call an 'antique' verse and watch the record respond out of the gate like it is in the clubs and in the streets. I think we got a hell of a situation.

"He hit me the other day, and I told him he has a song that I consider to be a street antique," Plies added. "To pick and choose the records we do is the most important thing. I always told myself from day one: I'll never be a music whore when it came to this business. I always wanted to make sure I did in my heart what I felt was the right things to do. To get myself in a financial space where I don't have to make desperate decisions, I feel we accomplished that thus far. I'm gonna try to continue to make more right moves than wrong moves."

Although the version of "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)" that appeared on Raymond v. Raymond doesn't feature Plies' verse that rocked on radio this winter, the Florida native didn't have anything negative to say about working with Usher.

"It was good," Plies said about the experience. "I was on my way to New York. My brother actually got the call. They say they needed the record back in a couple of hours. I didn't hear the record. My brother, he didn't have to let me hear it. He said, 'It's a go, bruh.' I got the record, they called back, said they needed it in an hour. Ran to the studio, had my assistant push my flight back. We heard the record; we felt the record was great."

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