Bret Michaels' Condition 'Stable,' Dad Says He Sounds 'Slow, But Fine'

Michaels is 'moving his arms, hands, everything,' Wally Sychak says.

Bret Michaels is still under intensive care after suffering a brain hemorrhage last week, but a rep for the singer told "Access Hollywood"

on Tuesday (April 27) that "he remains in ICU but [is] stable. They are running more [tests]."

Michaels' father, Wally Sychak, said he's spoken with his son, according to "Extra". In a video posted Tuesday, Sychak discussed a recent telephone conversation he had with Michaels.

"He sounded a little slow, but fine," said Sychak. "He was talking, not as cheerful as he usually is, but I guess he's under sedation. But he understood what he was saying and knew me. Everything seemed good that way."

While acknowledging Michaels' debilitated state, Sychak remained positive about his son's condition. "Well, the fact that he was talking to me, and giving me information, I thought that was great because I understood that this is a terrible ordeal that he's going through." However, Sychak mentioned that he was still largely in the dark about Michaels' condition. "We're not getting information right now. We haven't heard anything today or yesterday. I guess no news is good news."

According to Sychak, Michaels is "moving his arms, hands, everything," and seemed confident that he would be heading home. "I asked him, though, if I could come out and see him and he said, 'Look, how about holding off until I get home. [Because] here in the ICU you're not really gonna be in there very long. Since it's a long trip to Arizona' he said, 'just hold off.' "

Sychak also sent a message of thanks for the outpouring of support from the rocker's fans. "I want to thank them all for all the messages they're giving and what I'm hearing on the phone and on his Internet site. I appreciate it all and all their prayers."

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