Green Day's 'American Idiot' Tops Broadway Box Office

Show brought in nearly $800,000 in its opening week.

[artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist] can add another notch to their studded belts: the Berkeley, California-bred pop-punk trio are now officially Broadway kings. According to Variety, the group's "American Idiot" musical had a solid debut near the top of the Great White Way money chart last week, with sales dramatically up thanks to mostly positive reviews.

After opening last Tuesday, the musical treatment of the band's landmark 2004 album brought in a hefty $777,860 during the week ending Sunday. Those numbers were up from the previous week's take of $464,946, when the show was still in previews, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A spokesperson for "Idiot" said the first week's figures would have been even higher if all the opening-night tickets had not been complimentary and a portion of other tickets for two other performances last week had not been given out for free. Despite the good news for "American Idiot," the Journal noted that the show has yet to notch a full week of sold-out performances.

Green Day made sure the first week of official performances grabbed headlines by treating fans to a mini-concert during Thursday night's performance. The band came out and played the title song and "Basket Case" to a shocked and delighted audience.

"This is my first night on Broadway," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong announced as his two bandmates — bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool — took their places behind him. The adoring audience, which included winners of MTV's "American Idiot" contest, went berserk and rushed the stage to get a little closer to the band they idolize.

Clearly, the performance was as surprising to the cast as it was to the crowd, as the actors — still onstage from their curtain call — joined in the bedlam. They broke out video cameras and snapped photos. One actor crowd-surfed over the audience as Armstrong encouraged the crowd to pump their fists in the air during the song's bridge.