Rick Ross, T.I., Young Jeezy, Jadakiss Prep New Mixtapes

We give you a rundown of what's dropping soon, in Mixtape Daily.

The Game just released his Red Room mixtape and, true to his word, the project with DJ Skee "feels like a little more than a mixtape." There's a plethora of original material such as "Shake" and "Real Gangstas" to go with the traditional freestyles such as "Ha Ha" (featuring Nipsey Hussle) and the epic "400 Bars."

Game continues the tradition of top-flank top MCs such as Jim Jones and Fabolous who have earned their stripes but still get funky with their fans and serve up free material. Here at Mixtape Daily, we know with all these MCs dropping product so frequently, it may be difficult to keep track. So here's a quick guide to four of our most anticipated tapes that are due soon.

(In No Particular Order)

Artist: Young Jeezy

Mixtape: Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary

Collaborator: DJ Don Cannon

What We Know: The Snowman takes it back to his instant classic and one of the hottest mixtapes of all time, Trap or Die. The sequel has been talked about since last year and there's still no official word why Jeezy chose to go with Cannon over DJ Drama — who was previously announced for this tape and hosted the original — or an exact release date. We do know Cannon, who has produced some of Young's most memorable album cuts, changed the initial direction of the tape by dropping off a batch of new beats in the last month or so.

What We Expect: You better be damn sure certain of what you're doing if you decide to revisit one of the all-time great mixtapes. Why do you think Young has waited so many years? He knows part two has to be just as excellent or surpass its big brother. Still, Jeezy has given us no reason to doubt him — he's one of

the most consistent MCs of the past decade and always has a master plan (and a few surprises) in his back pocket.

Artist: T.I.

Mixtape: F--- a Mixtape

Collaborators: DJs Drama and MLK

What We Know: With his endorsement deals, clothing line, Hollywood career and multiplatinum success, some may forget (or just be late on the bandwagon and not know) that Tip started earning his name as the King of the South with his ferocious delivery on the In These Streets mixtape series. He re-ignited his career on the underground and introduced his crew at the same time. Tip's latest effort is mostly original material, but DJ Drama is trying to get him to assault a few instrumentals that the fans love. There will also be high-powered guest spots by the likes of Lil Wayne and others.

What We Expect: Indignant, brazen but a lyrically proficient Tip. He doesn't have to worry about pleasing his large pop fanbase with radio

smashes — he can just go in and show off. That makes the King very dangerous on this tape.

Artist: Jadakiss

Mixtape: The Champ Is Here (Part 3)

Collaborators: The Evil Genius Green Lantern and DJ Drama

What We Know: 'Kiss couldn't have collaborated with a better duo. Green's mixing is unparalleled — he picks obscure tracks, produces original sundscapes and keeps scratching alive as well. He's mastered the art of making tapes and has the experience. Drama was 2009 "DJ of the Year" so you already know his pedigree. He brings the best out of the stars in his Gangsta Grillz series of tapes. Whether it's an R&B singer or an acclaimed MC, they know they cannot come to Mr. Thanksgiving with anything less than their A+ game.

What We Expect: Sucker MCs will be on their backs counting the lights — 'Kiss should have another knockout in round three. Like Green told us, there's

no album coming in a few months to distract 'Kiss — the tape has been his primary focus and should be more exciting than a pay-per-view prize fight.

Artist: Rick Ross

Mixtape: TBD

Collaborator: DJ Infamous

What We Know: The tape just went into production.

What We Expect: Guaranteed dope. Right now Ross is even better on the mic than he was last year when he dropped his best album, Deeper Than Rap. "Ricky Rosé" has been on an amazing tear with freestyles over "Rude Boy," "Window Seat" and "Hello Good Morning." The last was so hot, Diddy had to make his freestyle an official part of his single. Simply put, Ross' rekindled love affair with rap is translating into supreme work.

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