Monopoly Movie Will Be All About 'Greed,' Ridley Scott Reveals

Filmmaker says the board-game film will focus on a Donald Trump-like character in New York.

Hollywood loves to associate itself with instantly recognizable brand names (see: "Transformers," "Sex and the City," "Pirates of the Caribbean"). But now that the trend has shifted to board games, the biggest question is a simple one: How do you make a movie out of a board game?

Over the past few months, we've been watching as Peter Berg has worked on a Battleship movie by introducing aliens into the story line. Now, Ridley Scott is finally ready to spill the beans on how he'll bring the greed-is-good classic Monopoly to the silver screen. But will his idea pass "Go" and collect a lot more than $200?

"We had a hard time initially, because my head led me down the route of saying, 'Somehow, I have to integrate the game,' " explained Scott, the legendary "Blade Runner" and "Alien" filmmaker who is developing the Monopoly movie. "Do I have to show the game, with people running around on a board, with the large houses and funny top hats and that sort of thing?"

But when Scott asked that question of Brian Goldner — CEO of Hasbro, the company that puts out the classic board game — he was told that the company only wanted him to use the game as a jumping-off point. "They said no. We just want a movie," Scott explained. "And that makes it a lot easier.

"We came up with a pretty good concept, and what I hope could be the final draft is coming in next month," added Scott, whose "Robin Hood" hits theaters May 14. "The film will be contemporary. I told Hasbro, 'The most amusing thing about Monopoly is it can turn your benign aunt or your benign sweet little grandmother into a monster.' And they just laughed and said, 'We know.' "

A classic '80s comedy came to Scott's mind when thinking about the Monopoly movie.

"I always liked films like 'Trading Places' with Eddie Murphy," he said. "I'm not saying it's like that, but it's somewhere around that route. It has to be a comedy. You know, if you hover above Central Park at night in a helicopter, and you look down below, when you're right in the middle of the park, it looks like a Monopoly board. It's green, it's lit, it's got the most expensive real estate in the world around the edges — and that is where we start."

As for the film's plot, Scott said it will largely revolve around a Donald Trump-esque character, battling with other greedy wannabe real-estate titans.

"It's about some horrible property scam guy," Scott explained. "I'm not saying Donald Trump is horrible — he's quite amusing, actually.

"It's about greed," he added. "Greed becomes, hopefully, hysterically funny."

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