Young Jeezy Reveals His Paranoia In 'Lose My Mind' Video

In new clip, featuring Plies, Jeezy parties hard while thinking about more dangerous times.

[artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] delivered the unofficial anthem for Barack Obama's election with his last album, The Recession, but the Atlanta MC is back in the streets with his forthcoming effort Thug Motivation 103.

The video for the album's first single "Lose My Mind" featuring Plies premiered on MTV2 on Monday (April 26), and from the onset, Jeezy takes it back to his trap days.

"I got a lot going on," he begins in a voice-over, as he's seen chatting with his USDA cohort Boo Rossini. "Rap stuff, street stuff, it's all the same things. Pressure bust pipes, holes sink ships."

From there, Jeezy ventures to the club, where he boasts about the riches fame has afforded him. In a stark, black-and-white visual, director Taj captures the Def Jam superstar in his glory. But as images flash of girls, bottles and hangers-on enjoying the celebrations, the clip catches Jeezy battling the paranoia he still experiences from his former occupation.

"Like I was saying, I just feel different," he says, midway through the clip, picking up the conversation where the video's intro leaves off.

A solitary Jeezy is then shown walking to a men's room, rubbing his eyes and distancing himself from the festivities. He ambles into a stall and turns around to see a figure rising from a covered gurney.

The hallucination ends with Jeezy in a leather straitjacket, reflecting the song's lyrics: "I'm hearing voices in my head/ Think I'm schizophrenic," he raps. "I swear they sayin' 'Let's Get It'/ From another planet."

"To me, it's my life," Jeezy told MTV News last month about the track. "That's how I feel sometimes when I go out. If you listen to me, I said it a few times: 'Lost my mind and my cell phone in the same night.' No two days are the same. ... I been partying my whole life. That's how you feel the next day. You killed them, and you left. You was looking good, shining good, there's no limit to what you can have in the club. That's how it's been for us before music.

" 'Lose My Mind' is doing what the hell I wanna do in the club. If it's 100 bottles of rosé, if it's 40 bottles of Belvedere, if it's all the kush in the world. I'mma do what I wanna do. When I leave there, I don't wanna remember nothing. I just wanna wake up and do the same thing again. That's what 'Lose My Mind' is about. You gotta have life your way. If you ain't losing your mind, you ain't partying right."

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