'Eclipse' Trailer: Relive Your Favorite Moments And Watch It Now!

Here's your chance to watch the new trailer again and again -- and pick the coolest scenes.

The last "Eclipse" trailer before the film's June 30 release is finally here, and now you can watch it in all its eye-popping glory over and over again, like a Cullen kid re-enrolling in high school for the hundredth time. Reactions to the clip have been almost universally approving, and there's certainly a lot of eye candy to look at.

With that in mind, here's our list of the Five Coolest Things in [url id="http://www.mtv.com/videos/?id=1633665"]the "Eclipse" Trailer[/url]. Give it a read, take a look for yourself, and then tell us below if you'd rank things any differently.

Fifth Coolest: Jacob's Joke

Let's face it: This is a pretty intense, in-your-face trailer. In fact, there's only one moment of levity in the entire clip, and it's of the we-might-all-be-dying-soon-so-let's-bond-now variety. Realizing that the only way to defeat Victoria's army of newborn vampires is by working together, the Cullens and Jacob's Quileute homeys forge an unlikely alliance. After two movies of staring down the Cullen clan, Jacob looks at Edward and deadpans, "As long as we get to kill some vampires." Hey, if this wolf-boy thing doesn't work out, maybe Jacob has a future in stand-up comedy.

Fourth Coolest: Obligatory Beefcake

Then again, maybe that future could be working for Chippendales. Everybody knows it's coming, and the "Twilight" audience can't wait to see it — so, of course, 1:14 into the trailer, David Slade reminds us that Taylor Lautner has a really good personal trainer. Not since the heyday of Bob and Doug McKenzie has there been such a reliable shot of a six-pack.

Third Coolest: A Bouncing Baby Victoria

In this day and age, there isn't a lot of action-movie gimmickry that hasn't been thought of. But as much as I rack my brain, I can't remember seeing anything quite like the way Victoria launches herself from tree to tree during her attempted escape. It seems like the scene may play like the speeder chase from "Return of the Jedi," only without speeders and if Luke, Leia and the stormtroopers were bouncing all over the place like pinballs. We can't wait to see this whole sequence.

Second Coolest: Meet the Newborns

All this time, we've been waiting to get a glimpse of Victoria's recently converted group of super-vampires and with good reason: Much of the film's mood, spectacle and action is dependent on them. It sure is a relief to see that they look so imposing, bloodthirsty and unique. Aside from the fear that the water-crossing scene is indicative of wandering into George A. Romero zombie territory, the newbies seem to be all the fans would hope for.

Top Über-Cool Spectacle: Slo-Mo Slaughter

It's the money shot. It gives us our best look yet at those improved wolves Ashley Greene recently promised, and we see a good promise of some sweet carnage. All in all, it's the best tease yet of what we're eager to see in "Eclipse."

What are your favorite moments from the "Eclipse" trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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