New 'Eclipse' Trailer Elicits 'OME!' Reaction Online

'It's all action-packed, between the wolves, Cullens and the newborns,' one MTV reader writes.

The new "Eclipse" trailer premiered on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Friday (April 23), and as expected, the buzz has become absolutely deafening. Twilighters all over the world are passing the clip around quicker than a head cold, and Stephenie Meyer's legions of fans are devouring it as if it were the last chocolate-chip cookie on Earth.

With nine weeks left to go before the flick hits theaters June 30, it's safe to say that the re-shoot worries have vanished — and the buzz has begun.

"I am going nutz. Holy crap!!!!!" Ajsok enthused in the comments section of our shot-by-shot trailer analysis. "I love this trailer. It's all action-packed, between the wolves, Cullens and the newborns. This is so cool!"

As Dakota Fanning appeared alongside Oprah to introduce the dazzling clip, Twitter was experiencing chaos on par with the trailer's scenes of newborn vampires running amok.

"Just watched the 'Eclipse' trailer on 'Oprah'! Holy crap!" @MarcellaCav tweeted.

"Somebody needs to punch me in the mouth," @thatcabhasadent wrote, taking a different perspective. "Because I just teared up while watching the new 'Eclipse' trailer. I don't even LIKE this garbage!"

Over on Facebook, Twilighter Melissa Moorehead summed up her thoughts by saying it was the best "Eclipse" promo she had seen yet. "This trailer looks a lot better than the other one," she wrote. "Finally we get to see the newborns in action and the Cullens and wolf pack fighting side by side."

"For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope," @liizziemartins tweeted, cleverly quoting a line from Jasper Hale.

We usually try to balance the praise out with some negative comments, but "Eclipse" trailer haters are so hard to find, even the dudes are praising it. "Oh my lord! 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' trailer released today is amazing," tweeted @Ericsmylife, calling himself a "Twilight nerd." "Gave me chills kinda."

Summing up a lot of people's thoughts, @jules_0021 tweeted it best: "ECLIPSE TRAILER IS AWESOME!! 11 weeks is a very long time to wait!"

What did you think about the "Eclipse" trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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