'Eclipse' Trailer Is 'Intense,' 'Twilight' Fans Say

'It's more scary, and it's jumping out at you,' one fan tells MTV News.

NEW YORK — The second "Eclipse" trailer made its big debut Friday (April 23), and fans are going crazy about the action and those new-and-improved werewolves. Twilighters are especially gushing about the scene where the wolves and the vampires get their fight on.

"It looked really sick, and I can't wait for it," Tamar told MTV News. "I think there [is] a lot more action in 'Eclipse,' [and] the scene when Jacob attacked them [stood out to me]."

Like Tamar, Magali said all the action really makes her excited to see the film, out June 30. "I thought it looked good. It looks like there's going to be a lot of action in it. And I hope it represents the movie well, because the second movie had a lot of talking in it, and this one seems like more action and more hands-on," she said. "I think it was the last scene that we saw when we saw the wolves ganging up on the vampires; I want to see what it looks like [in the movie]."

"I thought it looked better than the first one," Julia said, "But there were some scenes that looked creepy."

"It was definitely intense," Samantha said. "I've never actually read the books, so for somebody who hasn't, I can say there definitely seems to be a lot of action. I think the characters definitely have a bolder role. [But] the lack of Bella [stuck out most], so it will be interesting to see what her role is this time."

"I thought it looked good," Madison said. "I think the action has gotten progressively better. The giant werewolves [stuck out to me]."

Even with all the talk about the wolf pack, Tanairis seemed taken in by the story's core supernatural creatures: the vampires. "I liked it. It was more drama. It's more scary, and it's jumping out at you," she said. "You wouldn't expect it, [like] the water scene. I liked the water scene, because all of a sudden you see a bunch of guys coming out of the water, and it's scary."

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