'The Hills' Stars Pick Their Favorite Moments

Kristin, Stephanie, Lo and Audrina look back on fights, breakups and much more drama.

With the sixth and final season of [url id="http://www.mtv.com/shows/the_hills/season_6/series.jhtml"]"The Hills"[/url] set to bow on Tuesday, and MTV News already counting down the show's top 10 most buzzed-about moments, it seemed like the perfect time to ask the "Hills" cast to weigh in on some of their own favorite moments. Here, Audrina, Lo, Stephanie and Kristin share their picks for the most memorable (and often shocking) episodes.

Kristin Cavallari

"The one that really stands out the most for me was the first episode that I was on [in the second half of season five]. ... The fight that I got into with Audrina and Stephanie was so out of left field," Cavallari told MTV News. "And it was the last thing I was expecting to happen, and it was probably one of the biggest fights I've ever been in. So that was the moment that just really stands out the most for me."

Stephanie Pratt

"I know what my most shocking was," she said. "When Lauren showed up to Heidi and Spencer's wedding. I was the only one shocked."

Lo Bosworth

"I think my most shocking moment hasn't exactly come to life yet on TV, because we haven't seen the episodes yet. I am really looking forward to seeing all the crazy on this current season. I feel like we have never gone into all the stuff we're touching on [in season six]," she teased. "The surgeries, the partying ... we've really never gone that far even if it's going on. We've just touched on boyfriends and friendships. I think this season will be more real."

Audrina Patridge

"There's so many favorite moments," Patridge said. "It's funny, because watching the show with the music, it makes it so emotional. So there's been a lot of moments, fun moments, like going on vacation and just having fun with each other. There's been so many dramatic moments and fights and tears and ups-and-downs of friendships and relationships, so really watching those — I mean, at the finale, we are probably all going to start crying. It is going to be a sad, sad moment."

"Hills" fans wouldn't argue that there have been so many dramatic occasions, they're almost too numerous to count. But MTV News has managed to narrow it down to 10. We're already halfway through, starting with Stephanie Pratt's disastrous People's Revolution job interview. The infamous renaming of Audrina's on-off boyfriend Justin Bobby came in at #9, while the #8 spot went to Heidi Montag for crashing Lauren's Teen Vogue party. At #7 is the speech delivered by a tipsy Holly Montag at Speidi's wedding rehearsal dinner, followed by the many weddings of Heidi and Spencer at #6. Kristin's declaration of war last season is #5, and you'll have to stay tuned next week to find out the rest!

Which "Hills" star do you think had the most drama? Let us know in the comments!

"The Hills: Final Season" premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT followed by "The City" at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.