Green Day Contest Winners Rave About Surprise Show

Winners of MTV's 'American Idiot' contest got big surprise at end of musical.

On Thursday night, winners of MTV's "American Idiot" contest were not only treated to a great show — but a surprise mini concert by Green Day, who took the stage to play "American Idiot" and "Basket Case." So, all in all, it was a pretty great night.

"I think I had heart failure! It was the most amazing experience," contest winner Fallyn Ruzzi told MTV News following the show. "I mean, the play was great, and then Green Day played songs, too!"

Ruzzi was just one of the 300 lucky winners who flocked to New York's St. James Theater hours before the performance was even scheduled to begin, waited in line to pick up their tickets to the musical, and then got to witness a post-show performance by Green Day. It took most of the audience completely by surprise.

"We had heard Green Day weren't even going to be here," Ruzzi said. "It was amazing when they came out!"

But what did Ruzzi — and other winners — think of the show itself? Well, as one might expect, they were blown away by the production. But, like most hard-core Green Day fans, when they first heard the band was taking "Idiot" to Broadway, she had her doubts.

"I didn't like the idea of Green Day coming to Broadway at first — I thought it was a bad idea," Ruzzi said. "But then I heard the songs from the Berkeley Rep [performances] and I just fell in love with it."

Echoing those sentiments was Ruzzi's friend — and fellow Green Day enthusiast — Toni Ann Graffigna, who was also skeptical of the album coming to the Great White Way. After seeing the show, she's now firmly a believer.

"I wasn't that crazy about the idea at first, but it's Green Day, you gotta give it a chance," she said. "The whole show touched my heart. I would see it every day, if I could. I almost cried ... I'd recommend everyone to see it, even if you don't like Green Day, just come out and see it."