Nicole Scherzinger, Nikki Reed, Others Talk Fashion Fiascos At Us Hot Hollywood Party

'I find myself in a lot of inside-out clothes,' admits 'The Hills' star Stephanie Pratt.

HOLLYWOOD — Tinseltown's fashion elite stepped into the spotlight Thursday night at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood party to celebrate the style issue's release. The red carpet was brimming with stars and sass, but even the most fashionable celebs admitted to making regrettable choices that magazines like Us have captured.

"I've definitely had some outfits like, 'What was I thinking?'" Nicole Scherzinger cringed while sharing the carpet with "Dancing With the Stars" dancers Mark Ballas and Damian Whitewood. "It sucks when they compare you [with someone in the same outfit] and you wore it not as well. That's kind of sad times for me."

"Oh my god, I've had some pretty embarrassing moments," said "Twilight" star Nikki Reed, who was named a "Colorful Coquette" by the magazine. "There was a time I wore a dress, and I didn't realize it was see-through until it was nighttime and there were big camera flashes. That was pretty brutal."

Some stars blamed circumstances beyond their control for the times they've been caught by the fashion police and crowned with a "worst dressed" title.

"I don't live in Hollywood, so I do a lot of changing in my car," explained new PETA campaigner Stephanie Pratt, whose beachside residence has forced her to convert her car to a mobile closet. "I find myself in a lot of inside-out clothes. That's probably the worst it gets. When I'm wearing something, like, from Zara, with long tags hanging down, that's bad."

Ciara recalled one disaster that had nothing to do with her clothing. "I left the house one time and my outfit was really, really cute," she said. "I didn't do my own makeup. I was trying a new makeup artist that night, and my face looked like a pumpkin. I was really red. Some photos look better than others because the light kind of saved my life."

Us' "In-Vogue Vocalist" Katharine McPhee explained that finding a red-hot look doesn't come easy to the fresh meat of the industry. "There are tons of embarrassing moments," she said. "I hope they don't do any presentations tonight and refer back to some photos of when I wasn't so stylish. There are quite a few moments when you get thrust into the spotlight, and you're just new to everything. One night, you're on your own and you think you can do it, but you're wrong, you can't do it."

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