Jonas Brothers Say 'Camp Rock 2' Won't Be Like 'Heavyweights'

'We had to bulk up for the role,' Kevin Jonas jokes of comparisons to the 1995 camp flick.

At the summer retreat in "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam," a rivalry divides two squads: the Camp Rock kids, played by the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, and Camp Star, made up of a new group of budding musicians. Fans of the Disney flick are probably expecting that plotline to lead to lots of dance numbers, but will it also mean we should expect some friendly (and not so friendly) competition, à la the 1995 camp movie "Heavyweights"?

The answer is no, but Kevin Jonas did admit to being an admirer of the movie about an overweight kid sent to shed pounds at camp.

"Oh man, I love that movie!" Kevin told MTV News. "Yeah, same exact story line! We had to bulk up for the role," he joked.

While viewers won't see any fitness routines set to music, "Camp Rock 2" does promise more onscreen romance between real-life couple Lovato and Joe Jonas. Last fall, Lovato revealed to MTV News, "We upped the romantic scenes." Even younger brother Nick Jonas gets a love interest this time around, thanks to actress Chloe Bridges. And, as Joe enthusiastically shared, the follow-up also has a killer soundtrack, with help from "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi.

"The songs are really cool," Joe said. "[We shot] at so many different locations this time. The story line is really great. They built a camp for the movie and they blocked off a whole mile radius so that people couldn't really find out what the movie was about. It was a really fun experience, and everyone really kept it under wraps. The director was the one who kind of leaked pictures on his Facebook ... of all the people!"

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