'American Idol' Fave Crystal Bowersox Was 'Never Angry' With Ryan Seacrest

Bowersox says she didn't threaten to quit the show.

Despite the drama surrounding her alleged attempt to quit the show, Crystal Bowersox said she is not mad at "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest for talking to the press about her moment of doubt.

Bowersox told People magazine that despite reports to the contrary, she doesn't hold a grudge against the sometimes excitable host for spilling the beans about a conversation they had in the "Idol" parking lot a few weeks ago.

"We were never angry with each other. We had a conversation. He gave me good advice, and I highly respect him," said Bowersox, who confirmed that there is "no beef" between her and Seacrest. She also threw water on speculation that the conversation was a result of her contemplating leaving the show, on which she is the undisputed front-runner. "No," was her simple answer to a question about whether he talked her down from quitting.

Bowersox also explained why she had such an emotional reaction on Tuesday night when she sang "People Get Ready," a performance that was instantly tagged as one of the best of the season, if not the history of the show.

"I looked up and saw the mirror of the sunglasses my dad brought because he was trying to hide it if he cried," Bowersox explained of the sight that brought her to tears before she finished her song. "And I was like, 'I know he's crying.' " After breaking down onstage during her performance, Sox explained to Seacrest that seeing her dad in the audience for the first time had made her very emotional.

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