B.o.B Has 'Always' Been A Fan Of Paramore's Hayley Williams

'People who go to my shows are the same people that go to Paramore shows,' he says of 'Airplanes' collaborator.

Last week, B.o.B released the single "Airplanes," featuring Paramore leading lady Hayley Williams. The Atlanta rapper followed that up with "Airplanes (Part II)," this time with Eminem joining Williams in the guest spot. Both tracks are from the MC's debut album, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, due April 27.

When MTV News caught up with Williams recently, the Paramore singer sounded psyched to jump on the record. "I was given the track awhile ago while we were on tour," she told MTV News. "The guys and I all loved it. They told me I was crazy if I passed it up. I liked the part too much anyways. So, of course, I was down."

Williams also revealed that she was a big fan of B.o.B, whom she called a "genius." B.o.B was just as excited about the collaboration when MTV News met up with him before his packed show at SOB's last week.

"First off, Paramore is the sh--," B.o.B said. "I've always been a Hayley fan, and to work with her, that's another thing I didn't think would happen to me as soon as it did."

Although the duo didn't get in the studio together, B.o.B said he and the Paramore vocalist talked, and she really liked the song's vibe. While the pairing might seem like an odd one, especially considering Williams has never done any rap features, B.o.B said he'd observed that his fans' musical tastes are as eclectic as his are.

"That's something that I notice," he said. "Like, if I do my shows and I go out to the crowd and talk to people, I'll ask them what type of music they listen to. Everybody listens to everything. People who go to my shows are the same people that go to Paramore shows, are the same people that go to a Lupe [Fiasco] show or a Common show, because it's all about the music, and it's all about the energy put behind it."

B.o.B said he was fortunate not only to get to work with Williams, but also many of the artists on his album. More than securing a simple "yes," schedules were often a key factor.

"The timing of everything is real divine. It almost seems like it's supposed to happen," he said. "It's kind of freaky sometimes how my first album — I have so many people on it. And these are people that inspire me tremendously, and just to have them on the album is amazing."

Were you surprised to hear Hayley on a B.o.B track? Who else would you like to hear the MC with? Tell us in the comments!