Ron Howard, Brian Grazer Produce 'The Great Escape' Reality Series

Filmmakers' Imagine Entertainment created show for TNT in which contestants must escape from 'big-screen-inspired situations.'

Imagine Entertainment co-founders Brian Grazer and Ron Howard have together created some of television's and film's greatest hits. Now the pair are developing an action-adventure reality series for TNT called "The Great Escape," in which contestants compete to extricate themselves from "big-screen-inspired situations."

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that each installment of the weekly series will begin with contestants being blindfolded and deposited in an "extreme environment," such as a desert, mountaintop, prison, remote island and so on. The team is then tasked with working their way through "multiple stages" of film-inspired challenges, with cash prizes being the ultimate reward.

Imagine TV and Fox TV Studios will produce, with Howard, Grazer, Justin Hochberg and David Nevins serving as executive producers. According to THR, TNT has ordered the pilot, which has already been shot.

The project sounds similar to a recent reality-TV pitch by Michael Bay, though that currently exists only as an idea being shopped around. Bay's pitch has no movie angle. The idea is instead to keep players focused on "the PSYOPS [psychological operations] of creating alliances and keeping their own 'secret pasts' hidden from other players."

Imagine has had much success on television in recent years, with the popularity of "Lie to Me" and "Friday Night Lights" and their new hit "Parenthood," a serialized adaptation of the Ron Howard-directed 1989 comedy, also the second such treatment of the film for TV audiences. Nevins is working with Imagine on "Parenthood," and Hochberg is probably best-known for his work as a consulting producer on "The Apprentice."

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