Lil Wayne's 'I'm Single' Video: Spotting The Pop-Culture References

From 'New Jack City' to a real-life conversation with Nicki Minaj, we examine the clip's influences.

There are quite a few pop-culture references in Lil Wayne's just-premiered "I'm Single" video. If you missed a few, we're here to catch you up.

The video starts off with a real-life conversation between Wayne and Nicki Minaj about whether he has a girlfriend. The footage was taken a little before Weezy, Nicki and Drake joined Young Jeezy onstage during Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Tour stop at Madison Square Garden in early March.

Throughout the video, we see instances where the woman who plays Wayne's main squeeze in the video, model Natasha, goes a little loony. "I'm Single" director DJ Scoob Doo told MTV News that the woman's actions in the video were inspired by the 1990 Martin Lawrence film "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate." Natasha's character even takes a large knife and, after contemplating slicing a promo poster of Weezy, instead takes her frustrations out on a cake. The message on the cake reads "Nino Brown 3," which is an upcoming DVD collaboration between Wayne and Scoob Doo. The two have previously released the reality DVDs "The Nino Brown Story" and a sequel.

Speaking of Nino, Wayne shouts out one of the greatest villains in cinematic history with the line "Had to cancel that bi--- like Nino." That's a reference to the classic scene in "New Jack City," when Wesley Snipes' character Nino Brown casually drops his girlfriend Selina after she complains about his murderous ways. "I've seen you kill too many people, Nino," Selina, played by actress Michael Michele, said in the film. Snipes then throws his girl on the table, pours champagne on her and orders her to be canceled. Undercover cop Scotty Appleton (Ice-T) escorts her out.

Also in the song, Weezy raps that his mistress has a deranged desire: "She wish she could cut my d--- off and take it with her." Can anyone say Lorena Bobbitt?

Did we miss any references? What do you think of Wayne's "I'm Single" video? Let us know in the comments below!