Lil Wayne's 'I'm Single' Video Premieres

'He's putting it out there and I like it,' one fan says of the clip.

Lil Wayne's video for "I'm Single" premiered Sunday (April 18) on MTV2's "Sucker Free Countdown" as well as MTV Jams. The clip finds Wayne performing his record from the No Ceilings mixtape and standing up his main squeeze to slide off with his side chick. Wayne's wifey is so outraged she takes a knife and stabs a cake that was meant for the Fireman.

DJ Scoob Doo directed the clip and said he was inspired by Martin Lawrence when coming up with the treatment.

"[Wayne's girl was mad that] he didn't make it home in time," Scoob said of the story line. "He stayed out all night. That's the idea I got with the song — it brought me back to watching the film 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.' Me growing up watching Martin [Lawrence], it was epic, it was a funny movie. I loved the cinematography in it. [Writing the script for the video], that was me being a fan of that movie and good music and putting it together."

On Friday, MTV News previewed the video for fans in Times square.

"Even though he is incarcerated, he's still making music, he's still out there, he's still got music for his fans — he's putting it out there and I like it," Deanna Brown said.

"I think this is something different," she added. "Even with other incarcerated rappers, everybody's like, 'Wait till they get out, wait till they get out.' And they can't wait for that release. This is almost tiding his fans over until he gets out. It makes you even more hungry, like, 'Ahh, if he's doing this while he's incarcerated, I can't wait to see what happens when he gets out.' "

"It will capture the fans' interest," Jonathan Edmonston said. "And it will just let his fans know that he's there for them, he loves them. I just feel he's reaching out to them."

During his tour opener earlier this month in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, Drake said he is on an alternate version of the record.

"I love that song," Drake told us earlier this week. "I love that song. 40 produced that record for Wayne. I did that a while ago. I love that song. It's one of those songs I wish was my song. I tried to slither my way on that record. I called Tez like, 'Tez, let me get on that hook.' There's a version with me on it. I don't know if it's gonna get out there. Music is someone else's creation. Once it's done, it's hard to say I wanna be a part of it. But me and Wayne, I get excited when Wayne wants to be on one of my songs. Musically we share that. We like doing songs together. I don't think it's a bad thing when we do songs together. ... So there's definitely a version with me on it. But that song is amazing on its own."

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