Ke$ha Dances With Snakes For 'Your Love Is My Drug' Video

'This is the video where I really got to play with animals and a hot bearded guy in the desert,' the singer says.

Recently, photos of Ke$ha prancing around the desert for her "Your Love Is My Drug" video hit the Web and fans immediately began to wonder what the singer had planned for the clip. MTV News got a few details from the singer herself — who performed the song, as well as "Tik Tok," on [article id="1637277"]"Saturday Night Live"[/article] last weekend — about the sexy video.

"In my video for 'Your Love Is My Drug,' it has a lot of animals in it, so that's exciting 'cause I'm a huge animal lover and I get to actually, like, hang out and ride and perform with animals," she said about the clip, shot in Lancaster, California, last week. "For more details, check out my video," she added.

However, we were able to get a few more details out of the singer. "I am wearing an animal mask," Ke$ha continued. "I'll give away one of them. I do get to perform glowing in the dark, in a cave, with a python wrapped around my body. So if that's not sexy, I don't know what is."

She says the video will also help to clear up any theories as to why she named her debut Animal. "I love animals — that's why my record's called Animal. People have their theories about why I called my record Animal — it's really just because I'm obsessed with animals and I feel like I am an animal and I want to bring that out in people," she said. "So this is the video where I really got to play with animals and a hot bearded guy in the desert. It's so good! Just watch it!"

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