Jadakiss Works With DJ Green Lantern And DJ Drama On New Mixtape

'Sky's the limit on this one,' Green Lantern says of The Champ Is Here Part 3.

Jadakiss is enlisting the services of DJ Green Lantern to close out his recent mixtape trilogy with the final installment, The Champ Is Here Part 3. A new name has been brought into the mix as well: DJ Drama, and the project will be a Gangsta Grillz invasion.

Both Green and Dram spoke to MTV News about the project.

"Honestly, everything you could think of in the sense of creatively coming together, mapping out beat selection," Green Lantern said of expectations for the mixtape. "There's original production on it. There's what you would call freestyles, getting on other people's beats. There's some nice guest appearances on this one. It's time to spice things up. Part 3. We didn't really touch the guest appearances to much in the past outside of the Lox ... I think that would be a welcomed gear shift to explore how that would sound. He's ready to go.

"One thing I would say — both times before he was in album-promo mode," Green continued. "So, the things that maybe rushed a mixtape or maybe wanted somebody to hold back a little bit, because they didn't want to cloud an album, is not the case here. He's really going all out. As you hear from the music, sky's the limit on this one. There's no cap like, 'I don't want to make this crazier than the album.' That's not the case in this one."

"When I got the call, it kinda made sense," DJ Drama offered. "Me and Green had been talking for years about doing a project together. When Green brought the idea, it made sense. This being the third tape, this being a classic series, the timing ... it just made perfect sense. I'm just added flavor to it. It was already full of treats. You add me to the mix, who knows what we could expect.

"We probably about 70 percent done. Per Jadakiss, it drops May 1. We know the situations with artists and dates, that's why I say, 'Per Jadakiss' it's droppin' May 1. Drama has brought up the date to me about 36 times so far. He's like, 'You know my situation with these dates, man — I can't have another one.' From everything That I've seen, [Jada] is really, really looking at getting us the music well in advance. There's work in the pre-production side that everywhere from vibing on beats, creating new beats on the spot, I've been doing lately for the thing. ... It's looking like we should be good for May 1 as far as having music well ahead of that."

Green says all parties are looking at routing a mixtape-release tour and there will be videos shot for at least a couple of songs off the tape. We have the first trailer of the mixtape , featuring all three heavyweights in the studio.

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