Crystal Bowersox Almost Quit 'American Idol,' Ryan Seacrest Confirms

'Idol' front-runner admits to having 'moments of doubt' about the competition.

Did Crystal Bowersox really almost quit "American Idol"? The Web was buzzing Friday morning (April 16) after a TMZ story suggested the dreadlocked front-runner had decided to bail on the reality show but host Ryan Seacrest had convinced her to change her mind.

Now Seacrest has confirmed that anonymous report to E! Online and lent insight into exactly what went down. Two weeks ago, following an airing of "Idol," Bowersox had decided the show was too much of an emotional drain and that she missed her young son. Seacrest found Bowersox in the parking lot and got her to reconsider.

"The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house," he recalled telling her. "You can buy your mom a house."

Seemingly confirming the reports as well, Bowersox posted the following comment on the official "Idol" Facebook page: "We all have moments of doubt. As much as I miss my kid, the big picture is this: I'm doing this for him and my fans. I'm having the time of my life!"

Bowersox has undoubtedly been feeling the strain of life on "Idol." Last month, the show switched the order of the men's and women's performances because Bowersox had been rushed to the hospital with an undisclosed illness. Later, during a post-performance conversation with the judges, she referred to the fact that she has been dealing with personal issues.

Despite these difficulties, Bowersox has established herself as the season's true front-runner. During Tuesday's Elvis Presley-themed show, Bowersox's rendition of "Saved" had Randy Jackson comparing her to the second coming of Bonnie Raitt and Simon Cowell saying, "You chose something that suited you and put your own slant on it and didn't fall into the karaoke trap, which I think a lot of people are going to do tonight."

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