Lil Wayne's 'I'm Single' Video Gets A Boost From Birdman, DJ Scoob Doo

Clip premieres Sunday on MTV Jams and MTV2's 'Sucker Free Countdown.'

The Birdman checked in with MTV News Thursday to tell us he was in full support of Lil Wayne's new video that will be debuting this Sunday on MTV Jams and MTV2's "Sucker Free Countdown."

"Y'all check out the new video from Junior," Birdman said in a clip. " 'Nino Brown 3,' 'I'm Single.' Fresh off the G-4. Moolah! Also watch out for the 'Godfather Part 1' DVD."

DJ Scoob Doo directed the new Wayne video (the song is one of the cuts from his No Ceilings mixtape relased at the end of last year), and the clip is part performance, part plot.

"[Wayne's girl was mad that] he didn't make it home in time," Scoob said of the story line. "He stayed out all night. That's the idea I got with the song — it brought me back to watching the film 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.' Me growing up watching Martin [Lawrence], it was epic, it was a funny movie. I loved the cinematography in it. [Writing the script for the video], that was me being a fan of that movie and good music and putting it together.

"Tammy Torres is the mistress," Scoob added. "She's the reason Wayne didn't make it home — the reason why he's single for the night. Natasha is the one who has heartache. She's scorned to the point where she turns crazy and deranged. You don't wanna cross that thin line."

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