T.I. Announces Album Title, Preps New Mixtape With DJ Drama

'I think this is going to be exciting for the streets,' Drama says.

[artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] has feen finalizing plans for the release of his latest round of music. The Grammy Award-winning MC announced Thursday (April 15) via his Web site that the title of his August 24 LP will be King Uncaged. And on Wednesday, Tip released a promo trailer for an upcoming mixtape he has with DJ Drama and DJ MLK, one in the Gangsta Grillz series called F--- a Mixtape.

While some were confused by the title, rest assured that all parties involved are not turning their backs on the mixtape circuit — after all, the project is a mixtape and both Drama and MLK have several mixtapes with various other artists on deck in the coming weeks. But Drama declined to elaborate on the meaning behind the title.

"Take it how you wanna take it," Drama, who describes the quality of King Uncaged as being so dope it's "ridiculous," said about any controversy the name has caused. "I'mma let Tip explain." However, Drama did say that he was one of the people championing Tip's return to the circuit.

"We been talking about it for a minute — a long time," Dram said. "It's been quite awhile since Tip has done a Gangsta Grillz. I guess The Leak was the last one. When Tip first got home, I had the conversation with him. 'You home, Gangsta Grillz as a brand is still as hot as it ever was, almost helping breathe back life into the mixtape game. I think it will be right to come back full circle to where you are, to where the brand is.' That's how the conversation started."

The tape is around 80 percent done and going through some tweaks. It's almost all original material thus far.

"I'm about to go in and see if I can get Tip to murder a couple of people's beats real quick," he continued. "I'm gonna get on his head about that, but for the most part, all original material."

Tip and his P$C family earned status as underground heroes with their In Da Streets series.

"Right up there with it," Drama said of how the new project compares to the classics. "Right up there with it. I think this is going to be exciting for the streets. It's a lot of sh-- that is '24s'-type Tip. Tip is like a f---ing superstar right now. He makes a lot of big records with a lot of worldly feels — but they gonna love this in Zone One."

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