Justin Bieber Recalls Hanging In The Oval Office With President Obama

'No one really gets to go in there,' pop star tells MTV News of his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In his short career, Justin Bieber has already performed for President Obama twice. He first took the stage in the nation's capital in December, when he performed along with mentor Usher for "Christmas in Washington." And just last week Bieber took part in the annual Easter Egg Roll.

Surprisingly, Bieber is pretty laid-back about the whole experience.

"Basically, we went to Washington. We did the thing for the president," he told MTV News, adding that he called Obama "Mr. President."

While Bieber is Canadian, he was just as honored as any American would be to perform at the White House. "It was great," Bieber said. "[Obama] was really cool, really nice, and I was just happy to be there." As it turned out, Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, really love the 16-year-old pop star. "We met them, took pictures with them, took pictures with the first lady," Bieber recalled.

While he has it down now, Obama didn't always know the correct pronunciation of Bieber's last name. "The first time I met him was a couple months back," Bieber said. "And when he introduced me, he said, 'Justin Bye-ber.' " Though, Bieber wasn't really bothered: "Whatever."

As cool as it is to perform in D.C., Bieber used his celebrity status to do one more thing not many people get a chance to do. "I got to hang out with him in the Oval Office, which is pretty crazy, because no one really gets to go in there," he said. "But it was pretty incredible. I got pictures with him."

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