Miranda Cosgrove Urges The 'Importance' Of After-School Programs

The 'iCarly' star has teamed up with the Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks campaign.

[artist id="3067527"]Miranda Cosgrove[/artist] already has a pretty sweet after-school program to keep her busy: her hit Nickelodeon series "iCarly." But the teen star is doing her part to help ensure that other kids have something positive to get into when the last bell rings. The actress teamed up with Quaker Oats for Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks, a campaign co-sponsored by the nonprofit Afterschool Alliance.

The aim of the partnership is to extend access to affordable, quality after-school programs to students across the country. Cosgrove thinks the cause is vital. "It's really cool," she told MTV News. "They're bringing after-school programming back to schools."

In March, Cosgrove hung out with a group of students at PS 72 in Harlem, New York. "I got to meet all the kids, and they did a choreographed dance," said Cosgrove, who was treated to a performance by the 90's Babies dance troupe, an offshoot of the Harlem RBI sports-based educational program.

But Cosgrove is not just a spokesperson. The actress — whose album Sparks Fly is due later this month — will be performing a private concert for about 300 guests. Fans can enter to win a ticket through the Chewy Afterschool Rocks sweepstakes.

"I just think that after-school programs are really important," Cosgrove said. "I remember when I was little, my big thing was I was on a baseball team. I remember it as one of my favorite memories. I went out with my dad and got a whole baseball outfit. And I made up a team name. We called ourselves the Rose Buds."

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