Lil Wayne's 'I'm Single' Video Premieres On MTV2 Sunday!

Scoob Doo-helmed clip is for song from Wayne's No Ceilings mixtape.

Scoob Scorsese is getting ready to debut his biggest movie yet. DJ Scoob Doo has spun records at parties and clubs, made mixtapes and stepped out as Lil Wayne's cinematographer in the DVD reality series copy here blah blah

"The Nino Brown Story." Now he's taking his next step: video director. Scoob helmed the video for Lil Wayne's "I'm Single" from the No Ceilings mixtape, and it officially debuts Sunday on MTV2's "Sucker Free Sunday Countdown" and MTV Jams.

"The thing with Wayne, if you don't get a chance to see how hard he worked on the record, and the wit and pizzazz he had with it, he wants to give you that same feeling the first time you hear it," Scoob told MTV News. "Which he does audio-wise, but him performing it for you in the studio is what really it's about as far as this video."

In the clip for "I'm Single," we see Wayne play and perform the song for the first time.

"I was there, Mack Maine was there," Scoob says. "Mally G was there. This is the first time he's playing it. It's history. When you hear a song for the first time, you always remember where you was when you heard it. Even if the cameras wasn't there to capture it, that's exactly what it would be. That's the great thing about the video, it's authentic. It's your front seat. Enjoy your seat!"

The short also has a storyline element.

"[Wayne's girl was made that] he didn't make it home in time," Scoob explained of the plot. "He stayed out all night. That's the idea I got with the song. It brought me back to watching the film 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.' Me growing up watching Martin [Lawrence], it was epic, it was a funny movie. I loved the cinematography in it. [Writing the script for the video], that was me being a fan of that movie and good music and putting it together."

The video also stars models Natasha and Tammy Torres (from Wayne's "Mrs. Officer" video).

"Tammy Torres is the mistress," Scoob detailed. "She's the reason Wayne didn't make it home — the reason why he's single for the night. Natasha is the one who has heartache. She's scorned to the point where she turns crazy and deranged. You don't wanna cross that thin line."

Scoob said people shouldn't be surprised to see him in the director chair. It's something he's been pursuing for quite some time, he's just taking the opportunity now.

"It's not something I would call a transition," he said. "This is something I've been doing for a while. I'm excited that we're making a big deal out of it because I've been working hard. I didn't have to change my format of what I've been doing. The people that know me, they are so excited right now. This is exactly what they've been campaigning and promoting for years."

The clip is one of many that Wayne filmed before he began his prison sentence on weapons charges last month.

Scoob has "The Nino Brown Story Part III" coming up, as well as the Birdman's "The Godfather" DVD — there's a video for Birdman's "Bigger Than Life" that Scoob directed in the can as well.

Scoob has "The Nino Brown Story Part III" coming up (available from his Web site,, as well as the Birdman's "The Godfather" DVD — there's a video for Birdman's "Bigger Than Life" that Scoob directed in the can as well.

Don't miss Lil Wayne's "I'm Single" video, premiering Sunday on MTV2's "Sucker Free" and MTV Jams! "Sucker Free" airs at 12 p.m. ET.