'American Idol' Experts Predict The End For Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens

Aaron Kelly could also be in danger for the season's only double elimination.

Every year on "American Idol," there is one theme night that turns out to be the great equalizer. Sometimes it's disco or the Rat Pack or hits from the year you were born. When we look back on season nine, it might very well be Elvis night.

Tuesday night didn't provide any breakout moments for the top nine, but it might have made it easier for America to thin the herd by two singers on Wednesday (April 14), thanks to a number of lukewarm takes on the King that left the judges, and our expert panel, largely unimpressed.

Season Nine Performances

After weeks of trying, and failing, to live up to his gilded musical albatross (a.k.a. "Straight Up"), lovable future eyeglass model Andrew Garcia seemed to use up his last lifeline on Tuesday's show when his "Hound Dog" just didn't bark for MTV's "Idol" authority Jim Cantiello.

"As Simon Cowell said to Andrew on Tuesday night's show, 'Your coolness is being sucked out of you right now,' " Cantiello said. "It's been a slow 'Idol' death for Andrew Garcia, and his dreary, Latin-flavored 'Hound Dog' should be the final whimper in his run on the show. His massive YouTube fanbase has carried him this far, but I imagine even some of them were tempted to change the channel during his miserable cover. Remember when this guy was a front-runner? Unbelievable. How the mighty have fallen. Again. And again. And again."

And while Cantiello was clearly unimpressed with Garcia's tepid hip-swiveling, he almost guaranteed the young dad would be joined by teen Katie Stevens in the season's only double elimination. "The Connecticut girl is no stranger to the bottom three, and with Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly delivering decent vocals this week, she'll definitely be back there come Wednesday night," Jim predicted. "Stevens' 'Baby What You Want Me to Do' was, as Cowell said, shrieky and annoying. Viewers have a hard time responding to a performance that's one-dimensional and loud, and the arrangement (and her vocals) brought the song to that unpleasant space."

Our other eagle-eyed "Idol" watcher, MJsBigBlog.com webmaster MJ Santilli, agreed that Garcia has finally worn out his welcome. "He has a loyal fanbase that's kept him afloat through weeks and weeks of mediocre performances, [but] unfortunately, his consistently poor performances are probably not winning him new fans," she said.

She was split on who the other elimination could be, torn between the two high-schoolers: Stevens and Kelly. "I don't think Katie's fanbase goes that deep," she said. "And the fact that she was good again this week, but not quite as good as last week, might lose her some casual votes. I doubt Aaron picked up many casual votes last night either, for his amateurish performance of 'Blue Suede Shoes.' But Simon's negative remarks may kick his fanbase into overdrive to vote, vote, vote for Aaron."

In the end, she thinks it will be Stevens who is eliminated.

Cantiello and Santilli totally whiffed with their predictions last week (as did everybody), when big Michael Lynche was eliminated, then saved — a twist nobody saw coming.

Who do you think will go home tonight? Share your own "Idol" predictions in the comments below!

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