B.o.B Is Surprised By 'Dramatic Impact' Of 'Nothin' On You'

'Me and my managers, we still look at each other speechless,' rapper says of #2 single.

[artist id="3238990"]B.o.B's[/artist] "Nothin' on You" has become something of a surprise smash hit. Released in early February, the song steadily climbed the Billboard and iTunes charts and is currently perched at #2 on both, with what seems like a real shot at #1. MTV News recently caught up with B.o.B, who was as surprised as anyone by the single's crossover success. The Atlanta rapper admitted he and his managers are still dumbfounded.

"We really didn't expect it to have the dramatic impact it had, nor how fast it happened," B.o.B said. "Me and my managers, B. Rich and TJ, we still look at each other speechless. We always aim to be successful. But when the byproduct exceeds your expectations — when usually you barely make the basket with what you want — the gratitude is through the roof. It's literally a dream come true."

The song features Hawaiian crooner Bruno Mars, who did double duty singing the infectious hook and producing the track as one half of production duo the Smeezingtons (Flo Rida's "Right Round"). B.o.B said he and Mars had worked together before, but "Nothin' on You" has become the goose that laid the golden egg.

"I've worked with Bruno Mars a lot, and I would say this is the golden egg that we hatched," B.o.B said. "Bruno's got a lot more up his sleeve, so I'm glad that he's really doing his thing and making the best of this time."

B.o.B speculated that "Nothin' on You" is doing so well because its sincerity makes it relatable to women everywhere. He said that sometimes girls who feel insecure need a boost of confidence from their significant other.

"I feel like [the song] kind of spoke to 'that crowd,' " he smiled, "which is a huge crowd apparently."

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