'Kick-Ass' Stars Nic Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse Feel Heroic At Premiere

Chloe Moretz plans her own superhero costume with 'purple crazy stockings that have Lady Gaga on them.'

HOLLYWOOD — The acclaim has reached a fever pitch. The audience is already dressing up as characters they haven't even met yet. And at the [movie id="407165"]"Kick-Ass"[/movie] premiere Tuesday night, the cast couldn't have been any happier that the time has finally come to show off their movie.

"It's been a year and a half now since we filmed it. There's lots of buzz, everybody's loved the screenings we've had so far," explained Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who has only two more days being known as McLovin' before the moniker will likely be replaced by a new one: Red Mist. "It's very exciting to be here right now."

Mintz-Plasse said he hopes audiences will be equally excited to see the adaptation of the "Kick-Ass" comic, which shows what might happen if ordinary people tried to become superheroes. And since the first part of any good alter ego is costume choice, we asked all of the stars on the red carpet how they'd design their super-duds.

"If I was going to be a superhero, I don't know what kind of a costume I would choose," pondered Nicolas Cage, who plays Batman-influenced badass Big Daddy in the flick. "Maybe something that had feathers on it, so I could fly away."

"I would have the cape, plus the top and pants from Hit-Girl, then just my hair curly and long," 13-year-old Chloe Moretz said, slightly altering her costume from her character in the movie. "And then '80s makeup ... and purple crazy stockings that have Lady Gaga on them."

Lyndsy Fonseca, however, is more concerned with her costume's designer than its actual look. "It would be head-to-toe Marc Jacobs," explained the actress, who plays Kick-Ass' girlfriend Katie in the flick. "Leather Marc Jacobs ... very girly; even though it would be leather, there'd be bows involved. I'd fight crime with the bows; they'd be weapons, and I could throw them."

"I'm kinda quick, so it's got to be sleek," reasoned Mintz-Plasse, who has clearly considered this question in the past. "No cape, because that would weigh me down. A skintight, one-piece bodysuit with the mask attached to the whole body. All black. It's very chic, very sexy — I've been going to the gym, so my body would look very good in a one-piece."

'Kick-Ass' Premiere Red Carpet

"I would do a cape, for fashion. I think the cape is an underused element of fashion — not since Lando Calrissian has there been a sexy cape," reasoned Clark Duke, before adding that at this point, he'd take any costume they'd give to his civilian character, Marty. "It's a little bittersweet not having a costume in my favorite superhero movie of the year. But I remain hopeful that if we do another, I'll get a costume."

"I'd want something that is pretty strong-armored," reasoned Aaron Johnson, sounding more than a bit like his Kick-Ass character. "I don't want to get beaten that badly. I'd also like a few gadgets, maybe something that could make you fly."

Clothes do make the man — both in comic books and on a Hollywood red carpet. So, looking over at Mintz-Plasse, who had traded in Red Mist's costume for a suit, tie and pocket hankie, Aaron Johnson couldn't resist. "How sexy is he?" he asked.

"Thanks, babe," grinned Mintz-Plasse in response. "I'll see you at the afterparty, sweet thing."

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