Rick Ross Secures F. Gary Gray For Video, Kanye West For Album

Ross calls new single 'Super High,' featuring Ne-Yo, a 'summer-breezy record.'

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] is pulling a boss move. The hip-hop hitmaker revealed that F. Gary Gray will make a return to video directing after a four-year hiatus to helm a clip for "Super High," a track released Monday.

"The first single, 'Super High,' featuring Ne-Yo, produced by Clark Kent — it's most definitely a summer-breezy record," Ross told MTV News exclusively about the lead cut from June 29's Teflon Don. "Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. Ne-Yo made the music feel so beautiful.

"I think so highly of the record," Ross continued. "When I started brainstorming about visual ideas, I started flipping through some of my favorite movies, such as 'Friday,' such as 'Set It Off,' such as 'The Italian Job,' 'The Negotiator.' Most recently, 'Law Abiding Citizen.' What all these films had in common was they was all directed by F. Gary Gray. That's when I decided: 'This is my favorite director of all time.' Shout out to F. Gary Gray. I reached out to my homie, he just came aboard to direct 'Super High.' This is gonna be special. It means a lot to me. Coming back for my fourth LP. My first three #1's. My first album #1, second #1, third. We following up with this one. We coming with a lot of big surprises. You gotta stay tuned, though. You gotta stay tuned."

Reps for Gray had not returned MTV News' request for confirmation by press time.

On Monday, Ross announced that he has a contribution from Jay-Z on the album as well as Diddy on the production end.

"I'm in the middle of the album," Ross said of others he has corralled for the LP. "I don't wanna let too many details go before everything is in stone. But you can expect some of the best production in the game. Collaborations with Kanye West, No ID."

F. Gary Gray hasn't directed a video since Jay-Z's "Show Me What You Got" in 2006.